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Everyone loves neat, clean and healthy home. If you're wondering what to use for cleaning your home surface and make your home germs free and shiny, Use Lizol jasmine 3 in 1 surface cleaner. No more you will have to spend hours for cleaning you house floors and surfaces. The power full chemical formula of Lizol jasmine 3 in 1 surface cleaner is designed to remove tough stains. you can apply Lizol surface cleaner on the floor of your house, kitchen sinks ,shelves 'gas oven ,toilet covers .it ensures to remove tough stain marks and give your home shiny look. Lizol surface cleaners unique formula is proved to kills 99.9 % germs in less than 60 seconds. The product is safe and is the only surface cleaner to be recommended by Indian Medical Association. Stay stress free because your children and pets are not affected by harsh chemicals and residue of the product. Just use one capful amount of Lizol cleaner in a half bucket of water and gently wipe the surface. No need to rinse. Lizol jasmine 3 in 1 surface cleaner comes in a yellow colour and leaves a pleasant aroma that personifies the fragrance of jasmine well. The aroma of jasmine lasts for long hours all around your home giving refreshing feeling.